Welcome to DailyTwinkles

You can freely subscribe to this service. You can keep your preferred DailyTwinkles in Mytwinkles to read them as you like. DailyTwinkles come in several languages. You can choose your language. This is the language in which the DailyTwinkles will be sent. Note that changing your language changes all your DailyTwinkles on-site.

You are free to download any Twinkle, put them on your computer's background, print them... You are free to distribute the Twinkles-within-images wherever you like. If you quote a Twinkle as plain text, please refer to https://www.dailytwinkles.com.

How to read DailyTwinkles
DailyTwinkles are no normal text. They are not even normal quotes. Simply put, though not straightforwardly, they are vertical, not horizontal. No twinkle is meant to be immediately, discretely, conceptually, horizontally understood. A horizontal reading is OK if it does not prevent the vertical move. Therefore, a purely horizontal interpretation does not lead to full appreciation. Instead, DailyTwinkles invite the reader to some process of 'growing.' The final understanding may never come. The re-reading may even go in a different direction than at first. This will not readily always happen, for sure, but no problem. It's always OK if some effort is made.

My advice might confuse you moreā€¦ and that is not necessarily problematic. One suggestion is to think a bit about what the meaning might be, then make your mind blank for just some seconds and let come out of you whatever comes without thinking. This way, you make it your twinkle. In Eastern philosophy, one might say that each twinkle is an invitation to some mini enlightenment. I wish for you that you can make it shine like a diamond.